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5 Acts of Peace You Can Do Today

23rd May 2015

Many people think acts of peace have to be big and heroic, like going to a far off country to build homes or starting a nonprofit.

But though those acts are wonderful, it’s important to remember that you can be a creator of peace in your everyday life by starting small.

To highlight how easy it can be, we’ve come up with a list of 5 acts that you can do… TODAY.

1. Unplug to save energy

  • In the United States alone, over $10 billion in annual energy costs are wasted by idle electronics.
  • Look around you and see what electronics you aren’t using that you can unplug.
  • Pull the cord out of wall, and voila! You’re done! Act of peace complete.


2. Inspire the women around you

  • In many cultures and societies, women are not celebrated and role models are hard to find.
  • Inspire others by posting a photo of a woman who inspires you, and write why.


3. Help educate others by donating books

  • Look around your house for books that have been sitting idle on your shelves for far too long
  • Take the ones you want to donate and put them in a bag
  • Put the bag by your door, and research which school, library, or other second hand store you’re going to bring them to
  • Head over and donate them!

donate books

4. Send compassion to a loved one

  • Text one of your friends who you know is going through a hard time
  • Tell them what’s amazing about them, and why you appreciate having them in your life

send compassion

5. Donate old business clothing to assist people looking for jobs

  • Look in your closet for old dress pants, shirts, dresses, or blouses appropriate for an interview
  • Again, research your local Salvation Army or other second hand store
  • Head over and donate them! Who knows who you might be helping to land that job that changes their life.


Remember it’s all of the little things that add up, so the more you can start creating peace today, the happier our world can be.

Life coach, living big lover, and lifetime learner.


  • Dawn Engle
    Posted at 7:49 am May 26, 2015
    Dawn Engle
    Reply Author

    This is fantastic, Ann! Thanks so much for this inspiration!