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5 Acts of Peace You Can Do From Home

29th May 2015

Don’t feel like leaving your house today? We’ve all been there. But there are several ways that you can reach your neighborhood without ever leaving your home.

1. Adopt a Pen Palpenpal
You need nothing more than a pen and paper to spread your love to a new friend abroad, a United States soldier, or a prisoner in solitary confinement. Pen pal programs are great way to hear a voice that you may not hear otherwise. Share your story and open your heart to others’ daily lives and struggles by writing letters or emails.

2. Lower Your Carbon Footprint
A minor home improvement project can drastically impact the amount of energy your house pulls from the power grid, which means less coal burning and fewer greenhouse gasses. Slowly but surely, incandescent bulbs are becoming a thing of the past but replace any still lingering with CFL bulbs. They are 75% more energy efficient. The US Department of Energy estimates that windows can be responsible for up to 40% of annual heating and cooling costs, so improve your home’s insulation. Install shades, blinds, and curtains to keep the heat out on summer days and in during winter months. These small alterations can make a huge impact.

3. Host a book club
Let the community come to you! All you need is a group of people, a place to meet, and a good book. Call up some friends, ask around work, post signs in your neighborhood, or start a Meet Up to organize a group. Host meetings in your house to create a sense of community, learn about a new topic, and explore new opinions. Who knows? You may even be moved to collectively take action in response to something you’re reading.

garden4. Create a Garden in your Home
The garden trend seems to be evolving into a lifestyle for many and for good reason, too. Aside from the obvious benefits such as adding beauty to the neighborhood and providing nutritional crops otherwise unavailable, studies have shown that consumption of local pollens actually reduces asthma rates in children by allowing them to develop immunities. In addition to these health benefits, these green spaces build a sense of stewardship and pride within neighborhoods, increase property values, and decrease crime. Don’t feel like you have the skills or tools? There are several organizations that will pair land owners with gardeners, so join the movement!

5. Find Some Inner Peace: Meditate
Find a comfortable place in your home to relax and focus your thoughts away from planning, daily struggles, and other stresses wearing on you. Beginning your practice can seem intimidating but meditation can be as simple as counting your steps, fixating your eyes on a candle, or repeating a mantra. Guided meditations can also be found online or on tapes from your local library. Once you find some inner peace, it will be contagious for those around you.

Getting out into the community can be a challenge with the frustrations of traffic and amount of time spent working. but there are plenty of ways to bring peace to those around you from your house. Reaching out to a new friend, improvie your home, host an event or work on your own inner peace.


  • Jay Castro
    Posted at 10:57 am June 16, 2015
    Jay Castro
    Reply Author

    # 1 and # 2 are my favorites… I’m going to start these next week 🙂