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Are you ready to meet the Hero Awards Nominees for Best Business Act?

8th May 2015

Change makers, I’m back with more awesome nominees for the Hero Awards. You’ve already met the Nominees for Best Youth Act, and next week you’ll meet the nominees for the Best Non-Profit Act. But today, it brings me great honor to introduce the two Hero Award Nominees for Best Business Act.

Remember, the Hero Awards are a ceremony to recognize outstanding service in five areas: Youth, Business, Non-Profit, University, and Up and Coming Peacemaker. The winners will be announced on May 21st so rock the vote today.

The Nominees for Best Business Acts are…

#1 WoofTrax
#2 Simon Says Give

Meet our first nominee, WoofTrax, The Walk for a Dog program is a dog-powered fundraising tool for animal shelters and rescues.

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Every year almost 7.6 million animals are taken in by shelters in the United States.  Hundreds of thousands of these animals go into shelters but never come out. Overcrowding and scarce resources means that many of these animals must be euthanized.

In Baltimore, Maryland some business leaders, who are also animals lovers, came up with a novel way to help solve this problem.  They have created a new mobile app that allows people to raise money for their local animal shelter simply by walking their dogs.

The mobile app is called “Walk for a Dog” and allows dog owners across the USA to walk their dogs for a cause. Hundreds of thousands people downloaded the app in 2014, their first year of operation.  By designating a local shelter, and logging the time that they walk their dogs, animal lovers were able to raise $65,000.

WoofTrax donated this amount to thousands of animal shelters across the country and things are just getting started.

Get involved with WoodTrax and download Walk for a Dog app on Google Play or in the Apple Store. Oh yea, and don’t forget to vote for them to winner this years Hero Awards for best Business Act.


Meet our second nominee, Simon Says Give, with a mission of Kids Celebrating Kids, they support kids with Birthday Celebrations.

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More the 16 million children in the USA are now living in poverty.  Mandi Simon, a 7-year old student in Minneapolis, Minnesota saw the struggles of some of her fellow students and decided to do something to do something about it.  She thought that all kids should have the basic human right to a decent education and that they should also have other basic necessities like clothes and books that Mandi herself sometimes took for granted. Did I mention that Mandi is only 7 years old?

She also thought that the very best advocates for these children might actually, in some cases, be children like herself.  So, with the help of her mom, she started her own nonprofit company and called it Simon Says Give.  For the past 4 years, Simon Says Give has been teaching other children the joy of giving and helping them to raise money.

It is kids celebrating kids with birthday parties  and gifts of necessity and school supplies, books and clothes.  This year, their goal is to help 10,000 children in the Minneapolis area in partnership with these great local organizations:

  • The 21 Twin Cities YMCA locations
  • 11 Schools within the Beacon Network in Minneapolis
  • The Visitation Monastery of Minneapolis
  • Kids ‘n Kinship in Apple Valley
  • St. Stephen’s Human Services
  • Catholic Charities of St. Paul & Minneapolis
  • Boys and Girls Club – Tubman

Simon Says Give

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Voting ends May 21st, 2015

Next week we’ll meet the nominees for the best Non-Profit Acts, see you soon.


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  • Dawn Engle
    Posted at 6:31 am May 9, 2015
    Dawn Engle
    Reply Author

    I really love both of these — can’t wait to see who wins!