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One act at a time

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Four Perspective Shifts to Get You Into the Giving Mindset

20th June 2015
  1. Remember that every person you encounter is just like youpeople-314007_640
    • As you go through your day, remember that we are all connected
    • Even though our struggles might come in different forms and the expressions of our journeys may vary, remember that every person out there is always after the same goal: joy
  2. Practice forgiveness in every momentwe-all-live-with-the-objective-of-being-happy-our-lives-are-all-different-and-yet-the-same-8
    • Keeping #1 in mind, remember that when people act in a way that offends or concerns you, that they are acting out of suffering
    • When confronted with these situations, forgive them and wish them joy
  3. Be present8609995437_772a3065c0_o
    • You can’t be in a giving mindset if you’re caught up in your own world – give the world the gift of your presence!
    • Your presence gives you the ability to read people’s energy, to be more understanding, and to give a smile when it’s needed
    • Next time you’re ordering your coffee or talking to a coworker, put down your phone, and give your full attention to the person who is talking to you – letting people know they’re heard is a gift in itself as well!
  4. Give people your genuine smile or a silent wish for happinessgiphy-14c86c21c429f6a5c668089c24d6b3bc7
    • So many other people are walking through the world distracted and living in their own minds
    • Let them know that they’re connected and that there’s happiness out there by giving them a genuine smile
    • BONUS: Silently wish them happiness (“May you be happy today”) to amp up the energy behind that smile!

By staying aware of the humanity in all people daily, the gift of giving becomes a both a habit and a way of life.

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Life coach, living big lover, and lifetime learner.


  • Jay
    Posted at 5:52 pm June 24, 2015
    Reply Author

    I love this Ann! Especially the bonus to silently wish happiness to others =)

  • Sarah Fenton
    Posted at 6:33 pm July 22, 2015
    Sarah Fenton
    Reply Author

    Make a difference, try everyday.