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June Challenge – Fun Things You Can Do with Your Kids to Promote Acts of Kindness

1st June 2015

June 1st marks International Children’s Day. In celebration of this day we have created a June challenge as a way to have fun with your kids while helping them learn about how to show kindness. Let them pick which they want to do or challenge them to do all five throughout the month.

  1. Get Cooking to Help a Friend or Neighbor

Children are often unsure of what do to or say to help neighbors, friends or new families that have moved in. Get your kids involved in these projects by creating an easy to make pasta dish, cake or cookies, and let them deliver it with you.

  1. Clean Out Your Bookshelf

Most kids, if they are anything like mine, have hundreds of books that are falling off the bookshelf. Let them sort through and choose which books they would like to donate to a local shelter or charity. Explain to them how they are helping other kids learn to read, dream big and enjoy the same books they did.

  1. Coins for Kids

Label a cookie jar or tin and collect coins through the month. At the end of the month have your child count what they have collected, then take the coins to your local charity. Most Safeway stores also have charity coin drops. Be sure to inform your kids of what this act of kindness could mean to others less fortunate.

  1. Say Something Nice – Random Act of Kindness Chain

Cut out lines of paper to create a paper chain and for every nice thing said during a day (or during a week – if your child is up for the challenge!) add another circle to the chain by writing kind words said. It could be as simple as “you look nice today.”

  1. Sharing Day

Cut out newspaper articles about others doing good and teach them about it. For example, groups who volunteered to build homes or collect clothes after a natural disaster. Invite them to share what they learned at school. Or alternatively, if they don’t have a sharing day at school, invite them to share what they learned with another family member or friend.

Ask your kids to help you log their acts of kindness here as every effort counts.

We also encourage you to invite your family and friends to join in this challenge, so help us spread the word, and share your stories. Join #1BOAP to celebrate #ChildrensDay and help teach your kids about kindness.

Schoolgirl (5-7) with teacher, wearing paper chains, portrait

Schoolgirl (5-7) with teacher, wearing paper chains, portrait

Suzi is a mom of twins, and passionate about life, learning and travel. She also leads the social media and interactive technology practice at Blanc & Otus.