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24th June 2015
Earthquake Relief Program in Nepal for Children and Schools
The earthquake in Nepal on May 25th affected millions of people, destroying thousands of buildings including 6902 schools.
Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal is working to bring children back to school in these difficult circumstances and provide counseling and recreational support. They are also working to construct temporary learning centers and to reconstruct the schools.
Become a supporter in Nepal and join this Act of Peace today!

Each week, One Billion Acts of Peace will highlight a new Act of Peace.  These featured acts are an easy way to get involved and join an act of peace already in progress.  If you’ve been wondering where to start, these acts are a great place to get inspired and take action.


  • Elizabeth
    Posted at 3:33 pm June 25, 2015
    Reply Author

    Such an important project!