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Nobel Peace Prize nomination letter for the 1 Billion Acts of Peace campaign

22nd October 2015

Well, we didn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize — congratulations to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet! — but we are excited to share the letter nominating us for the prize, written by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and signed by 6 other Nobel Peace Prize laureates. We agree that the world needs “big thinking and courageous craziness” — what audaciously ambitious project will you contribute to the movement?

Read the letter here!


  • Jean marc Dohou bi
    Posted at 4:30 pm October 28, 2015
    Jean marc Dohou bi
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    C’est génial d’être sur billionacts

  • Fares Mes
    Posted at 4:25 am February 12, 2016
    Fares Mes
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    Fares Mes le Top