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100 Miles for Peace

1st May 2016



So what kind of peace project is able to connect these two vastly different worlds, as well as many others? From Tech to landscape architecture, to community building and peace teaching? After all, it all began with artist Paul-Felix Montez’s simple questions of, how can peace be taught, and Can Streets teach Peace?

How do we teach peace, live peace, connect peacefully in a world of global tech, smart cities & places to WISE cities & places? Then what does Peace beyond borders look like, do, exist as? Can we see it, touch it, walk it?  These are the core issues which faced the creation of the peace walkway, 100miles4 peace  project.

100miles4peace, 100kilometers4peace is a new multi-use/benefit monument, unlike any the world has ever known. It’s utilization of a simple timeless bronze plaque, coupled to a global app, and interconnecting millions across all physical borders is what brings us into a 21st century world changing evolution. Shared ideals, shared through technology and art.

Anyone, anywhere “grassroots”, can make one mile (kilometer) for peace happen for their  “smart wise city” community’s, future. From the individual to the local community, to a world community, inquiries from all over the world are now pouring in.

The project’s online launch in November 2015, has found itself with groups beginning walkway movements in Kumara, New Zealand, Peace town, UK, the New Gandhi Museum of South Africa, (Where Gandhi first wrote about peaceful non-violent resistance and put it into action), Sydney Australia, the Hague, Netherlands, and there are many more cities interested in joining the movement.

The creator of the peace walkway project is also a Ted Talks finalist 2016 UCLA, on “Wise place making, smarter cities to human wise cities”. To see the simplicity, and amazing adaptability of this project, just go to our website to see and hear from the creator of the project:

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Guest Post- Paul-Felix Montez


  • Dawn Engle
    Posted at 10:44 am May 9, 2016
    Dawn Engle
    Reply Author

    This is a very cool project!