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PeaceJam Ghana is changing lives

1st July 2016

By Marilyn Young, Editor


There was a moment in John Phillips’ trip to Ghana where he was being schooled in soccer by a group of boys.

He loved it.

There was a moment he helped a group of young men create a fictional basketball team whose mission included giving back.

He loved it.

Then came a moment he was saying goodbye to a group of children who enveloped him in a cascade of hugs with open arms and open hearts.

He loved it.

The Jacksonville attorney spent three days in West Africa last month at a PeaceJam conference to help build teenagers into leaders who could transform their communities.

He spent time teaching them, he said, but mostly learning from them. Learning they lived in a village where there is “nothing but love.” It reminded Phillips that both hate and racism are learned behaviors.

Read more about John Phillips PeaceJam Ghana experience.


  • Kate
    Posted at 12:42 pm August 28, 2016
    Reply Author

    I was there and it was absolutely life changing for all of us! Thank you all for sharing in this amazing journey!