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One act at a time

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Us vs. Them

1st March 2018

Many are complaining about the growing divide in our communities. We blame our problems on each other, our leaders, the news, people standing up for issues we disagree with, our education system, and ‘the other’.

Are these fair assessments?  Do we bare any responsibility for creating this culture? Does finding fault do anything to propel us forward to finding solutions that just may benefit us all?

Have you clicked on a link whose sole purpose you know is to divide you against another group?  Are you pushing your local news to report stories focusing on the good that happens everyday in your community?  Are you debating others with viewpoints very different than your own in a healthy manner?  Have you thought about the behavior you are modeling for the youth and future leaders of your community?

Billion Acts is not just a campaign, it is a movement for open dialogue, a place to celebrate all who are doing their part to create a more peaceful and equitable world. It is a platform to highlight the incredible human beings who walk and work amongst us, and do their part to change the world every day.  It is a vehicle to make Acts of Peace a part of all of our daily lives and honor unity and kindness over conflict and fear.

With more than 38 Million Acts from over 151 countries, it is apparent that grassroots efforts are uniting change makers worldwide to become the leaders that we need.

How can you bring your community together?


It is up to us to stop finding fault elsewhere, and instead be accountable and take action. We need your voice too, if we are truly going to create the change that we need.



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