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One act at a time

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Stop the division

15th September 2018

Every day we hear stories about the partisan divide in the United States.  We are calling on those who are concerned to join the #VehicleforPeace Challenge.  Help us fight against this division by highlighting those who are doing great things in your community.  Peace and Kindness are not partisan, and spreading fear and insults helps no one and solves no problems.



We challenge YOU to become a Vehicle for Peace!  Create a post on social media using the hashtag #vehicleforpeace and mention three people or organizations you know who are promoting peace in your community.  Tag them in your post, then challenge them to do the same!

Many of the stories shared will be featured in our weekly social media spotlight segments and all participants will be considered for the annual Billion Acts Hero Award.  Let’s shine our light on those who are working to bring peace to us all!




Are you willing to take a stand for Peace? Become a #VehicleforPeace

Donate $10 to promote peace in the U.S. (and you could win a 1968 Corvette)
Nominate up to 3 people or organizations doing incredible things in your community
Learn more about the #VehicleforPeace challenge


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