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How to Spread Peace on MLK Day

15th January 2019

How To Spread Peace on MLK Day

You’ve likely been celebrating Martin Luther King Day since you were very young. But just in case you need a little refresher (we all do sometimes), here’s why we celebrate MLK Day every year:

  • To strengthen our community.
  • To spread acts of peace.
  • To work with organizations dedicated to equality in our country.
  • To lend our hands, ears and minds to communities that need help by asking and listening to what they need.

We do all of this to honor Martin Luther King’s dedication to community building, equality and peaceful change.


When is MLK Day?

MLK Day takes place every year on the third Monday of January. This year, it’s Monday, January 21st.

Even though many schools and companies close on Martin Luther King Day, it’s widely celebrated as a day ON, not off. Everyone from children to adults use this day to get involved in their community and make a difference together.


How Can You Get Involved On Martin Luther King Day?

Typically towns, schools and companies host their own organized day of service on MLK day. In case you haven’t heard of anything happening near you, you can search the community service directory. They organize community service events throughout the entire year so even if it’s not MLK day anymore, you can still get involved!


Our Billion Acts of Peace Member Spotlights for MLK Day 2019

At the core of the Billion Acts of Peace Mission, are our valued members. Our spotlight for MLK Day 2019 is: Upcycling Colors! This organization rescues old and new art supplies, transforms them into brand new art kits, and then distributes them all over the world. Learn more about how they help spark creativity and artistic talent by getting involved today.

If Upcycling colors hits close to your heart, we encourage you to get involved. You could even plan an event to help further their mission.  


Share Your Peace With Us

Send in your acts of kindness to us at Billion Acts of Peace to add your voice to the peacekeepers in your community. There’s no act of peace too big or too small. We’re all here to build a better world together.


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