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World Interfaith Harmony Week

1st February 2019

Everything You Need To Know About World Interfaith Harmony Week

World Interfaith Harmony week takes place every year during the first week of February. It’s a celebration full of love, understanding and coming together around a common goal (aka the building blocks of peace).  

At the UN General Assembly in 2010, H.M. King Abdullah II of Jordan proposed The World Interfaith Harmony Week for the first time. Today, this week symbolizes peace, collaboration and unity between all people with faith and without faith.  

It’s a week dedicated to everyone, including you!


What Exactly Is World Interfaith Harmony Week?

The World Interfaith Harmony Week serves first and foremost as a community platform. For seven days every year, people of all different faiths come together and embrace the powerful movement they represent.

Did you know, that even though interfaith groups organize community events almost every day of the year, they often fly under the radar of the general public? This week empowers those groups to learn about each other and reach more people dedicated to similar aspirations. Maybe someone like you!

The overall goal of this week is to show humans that we are all connected through our common values and good morals. Our similarities are far stronger than our differences. By reminding ourselves of that every year, we create more opportunities for peace and harmony.


How Can I Get Involved?

From planning a harmony breakfast to organizing a community wide event, the options to participate in World Interfaith Harmony Week are endless. To explore all of your options take a look at this how-to-participate guide. If you do plan an event, be sure to share it with us here at Billion Acts of Peace!


What Our Network Members Are Up To…

At the core of Billion Acts of Peace are our network members. Here’s what they will be up to on World Interfaith Harmony Week 2019:

  1. Our friends over at Compassion Games will be hosting their annual World Interfaith Harmony Week Coopetition. During the week an epic battle will unfold and reveal who the survivors of the kindest are in your community. Should you choose to participate in the global challenge of collaboration, tolerance and acts of peace, you must be ready for one thing: lots of fun. All you have to do is sign up to play!
  2. Next up, the United Religions Initiative will be holding their own interfaith celebrations all week long. We love URI because they created this entire URI World Interfaith Harmony Week tool card guide. It’s packed with ideas for you to host in your own community.


Spread Your Own Peace This Week

So, are you ready to connect with other people and have fun through peace and harmony events?

Spread peace during WIHW week by planning an event and sharing it with us. No matter who you are, where you’re from, or how you practice or don’t practice your own religion, we’re all in this world together.


Now let’s make some peace!!!


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