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One act at a time

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1st April 2019

Are You the Next Billion Acts Hero?  Do you know someone who should be?

Have you heard the news?  Billion Acts is accepting nominations for the best youth Acts and Projects worldwide.

Each year, Billion Acts reviews every Act of Peace that was added to our website over the past 12 months. If you have logged an act of peace on our website, you could be in the running for a hero award!

Why We Hold the Hero Awards: Our organization exists to connect and highlight individuals spreading peace in their communities every day. We hold our annual award ceremony for two reasons: to celebrate peacekeepers on a global scale and to encourage others to take action.

We celebrate peacekeepers. Peace would not exist without peacekeepers and peace creators. Our Hero Award Winners are both. Part of our mission is bringing attention to those who are changing the world for the better. These awards honor those individuals.

We strive to inspire action. Our Hero Award winners inspire and encourage other youth and communities to take action and spread peace. It’s our hope that you will be moved to create peace in your community.


The Six Hero Award Categories Are…

Our Acts of Peace fall into ten categories: education and community development, protecting the earth, alleviating extreme poverty, global health and wellness, non-proliferation and disarmament, human rights for all, ending racism and hate, advancing women and children, clean water for everyone and conflict revolution.

We look for Acts of Peace that address one or more of these focus areas. There are six categories that the acts of peace fall into:  

  • Best Youth Movement Act: Winners in this category have been as young as seven years old.
  • Best University Act: This award goes to someone at the university level who actively strives to change the world.
  • Best Social Enterprise Act: We’re looking for someone who started a social enterprise dedicated to solving some of the planet’s most pressing problems.
  • Best Community Act: This Act of Peace is all about building community. Often times, peacekeepers and community builders are one in the same. This Award recognizes that in one inspiring individual.
  • Best Nonprofit Act: Have you or someone you know started a non-profit to help your community?
  • Best Up and Coming Peacemaker Act: Are you stepping up to solve a challenge in your corner of the world?


The Three Winning Elements of Peace

We look for three elements in the winning Acts of Peace:

  1. Social Impact: To what extent did the act of peace impact their target community?
  2. Scope: How broadly and effectively did the act of peace play out?
  3. Future Peace: How will this act of peace create more peace in the future?


Help Us Select Our Hero Award Winners!

Voting begins at the end of May. Our ranking system is based on impact. Voting for a specific act raises its “impact rank.” Our Nobel Peace Laureates, will also jury the acts of peace. Simply visit our website to cast your vote.

Remember to add your act of peace or nominate someone by April 30th!  



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